Sizing & Care

General Measurement  2 Yrs.  4 Yrs.  6 Yrs.  8 Yrs.  10 Yrs.  12 Yrs. 
Weight in lbs.  24-31  32-40  40-50  50-62  64-84  76-104 
Height (inches)  33-35  39-42  44-47  49-52  53-56  58-62 
Waist (inches)  20.5 21  22  23  24  25 

Our clothes are double sized 2/3 yrs, 4/5 yrs, 6/7 yrs, 8/9 yrs, 10/11 yrs. We size generously to fit the upper size limit.

However, there are some items that are a more slim-fit. We would recommend using the table as a general guideline when choosing a size.


    All our items can be machine and/or hand washed unless expressly stated on the care instructions.

    We recommend a cool machine wash using a mild detergent.

    Most of our items can be tumble dried with care. However, we do not like to recommend tumble drying, as the heat from a dryer can reduce the lifespan of a garment and cause shrinkage and fading.

    Always wash colours separately.



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